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Jean-Philippe Vielle-CalzadaDr Jean-Philippe Vielle-Calzada

Principal Investigator

Jean-Philippe is in charge of the Group of Reproductive Development and Apomixis at Langebio, Irapuato, Mexico. He brings 20 years of research experience studying plant development, with a special interest in the mechanisms that distinguish sexual reproduction and apomixis.


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Juana de la Cruz GonzálezJuana de la Cruz González

Plant Manager 

Juanita is an Agronomist with wide experience in greenhouse and plant growth facilities, having worked extensively in the private and public sector. She is responsible for all cowpea growing facilities and plant care in Irapuato.

Dionicia Gloria León-MartínezDr Dionicia Gloria León-Martínez

Associate Researcher

Initially trained as a microbiologist specializing in chemical bacteriology and parasitology, Gloria has a PhD in plant molecular biology, with wide expertise in reproductive biology. She is one of the leading investigators involved in strategy and organization of experimental design, as well as implementation of key components for cowpea prototype testing in Irapuato.


Dr Quetzely Ortiz VasquezDr Quetzely Ortiz Vasquez

Research Associate

Quetzely is passionate about plant reproduction. Initially trained as an Agronomist, she has a Master and PhD in Plant Biotechnology. She is now a leading researcher involved in activities related to heterosis identification and assesment of cowpea germplasm tested in Mexico.

Judith Lua AldamaJudith Lúa Aldama

Research Technician

Judith is a molecular and cell biologist with a Master degree in biological sciences. She is involved in cowpea genetic transformation and genome editing for modifications of female meiosis and gametogenesis.

Itzel Amasende MoralesItzel Amasende Morales

Research Technician

Itzel is a cell and developmental biologist with a Master degree in plant biotechnology, specializing in reproductive development. She is involved in cowpea genetic transformation, plant regeneration and cellular phenotyping during female meiosis and gametogenesis.

Osvaldo Ruíz MacielOsvaldo Ruíz Maciel

Research Technician

Osvaldo Ruíz is a molecular and developmental biologist with a Master degree in plant biotechnology, specializing in reproductive development. He is involved in strategy design, as well as molecular construction and phenotyping of cowpea transformants necessary for prototype development.

Karen Estefanía Ramírez MéndezKaren Estefanía Ramírez Méndez

Research Technician

Karen graduated at BS level in Agrogenomics at UNAM and is currently conducting a research internship in Langebio as a junior lab member supporting team efforts in cowpea genetic transformation and genome editing.

Mireya Hernández

Administrative Assistant

Mireya has a BS degree in Communication and a Master degree in Personnel Management, with experience working in the private, public and academic sectors. She is responsible of administrative and organizational Hy-Gain activities at Langebio Cinvestav.

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