The IPK team was involved in the Hy-Gain project from March 2020 until July 2023 in which they made important contributions to the project.  Their involvement has now concluded and they are not currently part of the ongoing research.

Andreas HoubenProfessor Andreas Houben

Principal Investigator

Professor Andreas Houben is the Group Leader of the IPK research group ‘Chromosome Structure and Function’, and is interested in the regulation and evolution of chromosomes to develop novel plant breeding tools.

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Andriy KochevenkoDr Andriy Kochevenko

Associate Researcher

Dr Andriy Kochevenko is a plant geneticist and biochemist in the research group of “Chromosome Structure and Function” at the IPK. He has a strong interest in the application of CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing and protein depletion methods for the development of an efficient GEM approach for cowpea.


Sylvia SwetikSylvia Swetik


Sylvia Swetik works as a technician to support the Hy-Gain project. She has extensively worked in the private and public research sector before joining the Hy-Gain team at the IPK.



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